Orchid Dermatology is now offering to our Patient's Telehealth services. Telehealth can be used for issues that include a spot of concern, wound check, rash, acne flares, eczema flare, and skin lesion. It is a great service that allows patients to receive a diagnosis from one of our providers while in the comfort of their home. Telehealth has real-time video conferencing or you can request an E-Visit. Telehealth makes healthcare services more accessible, convenient, and reduce costs. This service is offered to established patients and is not a replacement for regular in-office visits. A yearly full-body exam at the office is still recommended.


Orchid Dermatology is currently seeing new and established patients via Telehealth. Fill out the form below, call (941) 761-2900, or email us at to activate Telehealth.


1. Call our office at (941) 761-2900

  • If a scheduled Telehealth video-conferencing call is set up, we encourage you to take a photo(s) of the concerned area and email or text us (941) 281-4869 us prior to the scheduled appointment to add to your chart for the provider. 

2. Our team will give you access to your Patient Portal by sending you an email. 

3. Click on the link sent to you in your email and set your password for Patient Portal. Make a note of the email you used and password for future reference. 

4. Download the PocketPatient™ application to your mobile smart device

  • If you have an Apple phone, click here to download the app

  • If you have an Android phone, click here to download the app

  • Or search for “Modmed Telehealth” and select the application that says “PocketPatient, Modernizing Medicine”

5. Log in to PocketPatient™ with the following information:

  • Practice or Provider URL:

  • Username: the email you used to access your Patient Portal

  • Password: the password you created for Patient Portal

6. Once you have logged into PocketPatient™, make sure that notifications are turned on

  • If a scheduled Telehealth video-conferencing call was set up with one of our providers, you will answer the call here at the time of the scheduled appointment.  

7. From the PocketPatient™ App, you can also request an E-Visit directly with

Kate Gerber MD or Alexandria Brown PA-C

8. Answer a few questions about your current condition and submit your request

9. Your provider will send you an appointment time for you to have an audio/video call using your mobile smartphone

10. To prepare for the appointment time:

  • Be ready to receive a call from your provider 5-10 minutes prior scheduled appointment

  • Find a quiet, private space where you can have a confidential session with your provider

  • Check to make sure your audio is turned on so you can hear the call

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Orchid Dermatology's mission is to provide personalized, high quality care on an as needed or preventative basis.  We have created a practice that we believe in and choose for our own family members.

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